Community Service

Michael Majeed: Making Time for Charity and Community Endeavors

Much of Michael Majeed’s time is spent tending to his clients and helping them receive substantial tax refunds. In addition to his career responsibilities, Michael puts an emphasis on making time for outside endeavors to keep him grounded.

His service to the community has taught Michael that large or small, giving back is something everyone can do.

Michael is a supporter of the following charitable organizations:

  • The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization
  • Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital
  • Breast cancer research


Michael is frequently called upon as a keynote speaker for the University of Toronto’s finance department teaching students what they can expect from their financial career. In his presentations, Michael stresses the importance of client relationship building in business. Michael says “while companies do business with each other, it’s really the people at those companies who are interacting on a daily basis. In relationship-building it’s important to continually let your clients know that you’re looking out for them. This means clear, honest, ongoing communication so you stay top-of-mind.”