Finance Career

Michael began his career at Canada Trust as a Financial Service Representative in 1998, moving on to his role as Senior Financial Advisor with the bank until 2002. There, he was recognized as the top performing senior financial advisor in the Toronto district.

In 2002, Michael accepted a position with Stratos Business Consultants in Toronto where he began his tenure as an associate Financial Analyst, and worked his way up to Senior Financial and Business Analyst until 2012. Michael was also the Regional Manager and Senior Financial Consultant, SR&ED Tax Consultant at Braithwaite Technology Consultants from 2013-2014 where he was responsible for managing the entire province of Ontario in sourcing new business and maintaining existing relationships.


In his role at Arck Innovative Consulting Services, Michael advises companies of all sizes and types across Canada about how to take advantage of the SR&ED tax program. SR&ED, which is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency, is the largest federal program supporting business research and development where more than $3 billion in tax incentives are provided to more than 20,000 business owners each year.

Michael says many businesses qualify for this tax credit, which offers substantial tax incentives to companies that perform certain types of research and development. If it turns out that your business qualifies, the SR&ED program can lower your tax liability and possibly even result in a refund.

The program is the latest stage in the evolution of a program that was initially established in 1977 by the Government of Canada to encourage Canadian companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors to conduct scientific research and experimental development. Tax incentives can be provided as an income tax deduction, an investment tax credit (ITC) or in some cases, a refund.


  • Successfully completed a full financial analysis, business and feasibility plan on a management buyout for a midsized Canadian pulp & paper manufacturer, deal size $15MM
  • Successfully assisted and advised a private Canadian dental equipment manufacturer to raise capital on a public exchange.
  • Successfully closed and led a vertical integration strategy for a high precision parts manufacturer resulted in operating cost savings of 15% in addition to realizing multiple sources of revenue.
  • Process and operational improvement engagement for a Canadian commercial light manufacturer resulted in 8% increase in top line sales.
  • Vertical integration strategy for high precision parts manufacturer resulted in operating cost savings of 15% in addition to realizing multiple sources of revenue.
  • Advised and assisted on a merger for a Midsized printing company in acquiring a competing firm in Toronto, deal size $20MM, successfully closed.
  • During 2013/2014, independently originated and sourced 15 new consultancy contracts which resulted in $4MM of revenues to Braithwaite Technology Consultants.
  • Officially recognized for excellent capability of building strong rapport with departmental management, coworkers, and other internal/external stakeholders to further facilitate ease of information and flow throughout the company and for having a strong board presence.